October and Beyond!

Hi friends! Its been awhile since we’ve posted but I’ve been getting excited and getting the energy to start this back up, I’ll be aiming for 2-3 posts a week to try and get back into the rythym of things!

First off: it’s october! so that means Scary movies!

My good friends over at The Scary stuff Pod review scary movies and do deep dives into them. Check them out over on Stitcher. (https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-scary-stuff-podcast). In honor of the great work they are doing I’m going to be watching the movies they have been discussing and giving my Dan Sucks at Hot Takes™ on the films. Should be fun! I dont like horror movies that much so this should be torture.

Second I’m still doing two weekly RPG games (sometimes 3) so I’ll be talking a bit about prep an recaps of the various games and what I think I need to do better.

First item on that list: Drink Less Beer while GMing!”

We’re working our way through Tomb of Annihilation and having a really good time. Mostly we just take the opportunity to rant and ramble about the world and covid and what not. But it’s good to chat with friends when you can.

I’m also still running Blades in the Dark, but as the Summer is winding down its hard to get time to play that one, so we’ve been on a bit of hiatus. Blades is such a fun game and great to GM. Check it out!

I’m also really into Crusader Kings 3 lately and will be trying to stream that on my twitch channel a few times a week. That or Among Us which my children are obsessed with! I’ve literally only played like twice. Maybe I can convince my friends from OPP and TSSP to do a live stream with me of that one night.

Either way Thank you everyone for reading. Dont forget to smash that like button and subscribe, send me some money on patreon or follow me on twitter and twitch!

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