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Today I want to talk a little bit about a neat experience I’ve had in my most recent game I’m running. We’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about 10 sessions now, running Waterdeep Dragon Heist, and it’s been a blast. I am the GM for the game and have a number of friends playing in the game. I have some post on my Patreon about game prep and occasionally twitch while prepping. Check it out at the links above!

Most are players who have played before and even who have played in some of my other games. One of my players is a local friend who had never played D&D before, and it’s been a very enjoyable experience teaching her the game I love so much, and to see how the experience is encouraging her.

My friend Erica was an English minor in college, so she obviously has a thing for words. She is often a bit more shy then others in the group, so its tough to gauge how much fun she’s having playing. But more frequently she’s engaging more in the role-play portions of the game, dropping great jokes and ideas in session, and most recently, writing a poem inspired by some of the events that took place!

A little backstory before I share the poem: The group was in a vineyard trying to find a scarecrow that was terrorizing the farm stead. They were hired to dispose of the scarecrow but couldn’t find it. They made camp for the night and the person on watch didn’t see the approaching scare crow. It beat them up pretty bad and even dropped on of the party before they dispatched it! Fun times was had and everyone enjoyed the brief encounter.

Erica wrote an awesome poem that really touched my heart. Not specifically for the words, although they are wonderful as well, but for the fact that my game that I’m running has inspired someone to write something about their character and their experiences in the world I’m building. Pretty cool!

Well enough about me, here is Lunarias “Ode to the Zombie Scarecrow. (That Almost Killed Us)”.

Friends on watch
In the dark.
Who would take this late shift?
Idle talk passes the time
and fends off fear 
of laughable monsters.
Zombie scarecrows.
How bad could they be?
One slash and they would be
Straw on the ground.
Doubting that fear has any reasonable basis.
As quickly as fear was forgotten,
Slash! In the dark.
Fallen on the ground and
Taken by surprise. In the dark.
Allies rally and circle the foe
(Who shouldn’t be!)
Zombie scarecrow?!
It slashes—-they stab!
In the field, in the dark.
Save the crops—
Save your friends!
I am useless, on the ground, hoping to survive.

Whose story ends with death by scarecrow?

Luckily, allies prevail!
The scarecrow returns to its inanimate state.
A shady plot has been revealed.
I am revived, my friends are safe.
The crops are safe.
All is well, the bard will sing!
Or is it?

Happy to have evaded death by scarecrow.”

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