Board Game Night!

I recently went to a board game night that had more people I didn’t know then people I do. This was a bit hard and different for me. I prefer to socialize with people I know well, maybe partly as a preventative of offending someone else, but also just worried people wont like me or I’ll look like an idiot to them. As outgoing as I am, I tend to have a lot of anxiety about doing things with new groups of people. On the Five Thirty Eight Big Five personality test I score the highest on Neuroticism and Extroversion. Highest on both scales then most of my friends. 


I’m also an ESFP and my Dungeons and Dragons Class is a Sorcerer.

I had attended a few sessions of a board game club that meets on the weekends here in town back when we first moved in. Back when I REALLY didn’t know anyone. That was a lot of fun too and I really just stopped going when life got busy. Penny was 3 at the time, T was doing derby out of town a lot on weekends, or we were traveling back to Delaware trying to live in both location. And then before we knew it we had another kid and sneaking away on Saturday mornings to play video games was an afterthought.

I also started watching EPL soccer on Saturday mornings, so…

My good friend and future Podcast and Warhammer Instructor Steve K (aka Evil Steve) had been trying to get me to go for awhile. It’s a bunch of people from the nearby University and they play board games on Monday Nights.

T usually has derby, and with two kids it just seemed like it’d be a hassle to get them and get to the board game jawns by 5pm, when they start playing. I usually work till 6 and the kids come home with T around 530.

But I need to try and break out of the bubble I’ve created from working at home in a small mountain college town, and the funk I’ve been in of late. So getting out and meeting new people and playing board games with two kids in tow seemed like it was worth the effort.

William Tiberius a few years back

And it was a lot of fun! Exhausting too. Will (who informed me tonight that he’s a Star Trekker) is REALLY 3 right now, and it’s exhausting. But with the help of an ipad and Doctor Panda’s Restaurant 3 I was able to play a few games, but with him on my lap the whole time.

Penny was excited as she just LOVES board games. She was hoping to play a bit with Evil Steve’s son, but he was more interested in playing Roblox. So Penny played that with him a bit, but was eventually drawn into the board game we were all playing.

I brought a new game I had picked up recently in anticipation of the upcoming Dan Con festivities later this month, Captain Sonar. It has a neat premise of two teams of 4 (8 players in total) play positions on opposing submarine crews trying to kill the other team. Sounds like the perfect game for Dan Con!

7 Wonders

Unfortunately we didn’t get to play Captain Sonar, but we did play one of my other favorite games, 7 Wonders. I’ve talked about 7 Wonders before, so I wont go too deep into it. It’s one of T’s favorite games, and one I really enjoy playing too. I always feel that while it’s easy to learn, strategy takes a play through or two to really get. There were two people playing with us who hadn’t played before, but they are all smart people and picked it up pretty easily! I was happy to say I didn’t come in last place! I couldn’t play my favorite cards however due to being in mixed/unknown company.

7 Wonders, too shy to play my favorite cards.

We also played a game I’ve played once before, and have been eager to give another shot since that one time. A game called Mysterium. Mysterium is a really neat little game in which you play as Mediums or Psychics who are receiving visions from a ghost that was murdered. The ghost wants the mediums to figure out who killed them, where and with what (kind of like clue) through the use of visions that are sent to the mediums (the players) through a seance. In the seance the mediums are given visions of clues to figure out the murderer, the location and the weapon in through cards with some really amazing art on them. the cards are very similar to another game by the same company called Dixit. Dixit is aimed more at story telling and is easier for kids I think. We dont play Dixit much as T dosent like it.

Mysterium Cards, the art is amazing

I was really excited when Penny (the little gamer) was interested in playing. One of the women we were play with was eager to offer Pen to help her with playing as the ghost, and Penny seemed to have a great time playing with her. I love playing board game with Penny and she loves them too. She’s got a real knack for them and is beating me an embarrassingly amount of times at them!

Little Gamer as the Ghost

There’s a neat twist to the game in that ghost dosent choose the actual murderer, location and weapon combination until the last round. I was as little confused at that, as it seemed a bit arbitrary, but in the end it all worked out. The final clues are revealed from the clues given in the previous rounds based on something called clairvoyance points, gathered through voting on everyone’s guesses to their own clues, which initially seemed like a side objective but ultimately turned out to be quite crucial. Luckily Erica and I guessed the right clues even though Evil Steve did not. So we won!

Ultimately I think the moral of this all is that it’s good to get out of the house and interact with other people. The people there were very friendly and welcoming, even with me bringing in two noisy children who kept farting for some reason. I will definitely go back next week. Penny was saying bye to her fellow ghost with a “See you next week!”, so i guess we’re committed!

The Beers:
No drink pairing for this week! I drank water, and had a Coke while at the game. Probably shouldnt bring alcohol on campus.

I would say, if you are playing games with new people, don’t get too tipsy! Keep it to a low ABV so you don’t embarrass yourself!

Maybe a Bud Light or PBR? Although either might get you judged by your fellow gamers.

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